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More Than 60 Years Experience

Why Choose Us

Alco Iron & Metal Co. has earned our reputation.

We cater to customers large and small. Our service centers have grown to be a one-stop shop for all your metal needs.

  • 5 Locations spread across more than 41 acres of land
  • 220 dedicated employees devoted to serving you
  • More than 60 years of experience
  • Family owned and operated, dedicated to your satisfaction

Our Values

There’s no comparison to the level of service we provide. Our process and policy has been compared against the country’s leading metal companies and we can proudly say we have all bases covered. We’ve taken your most pressing needs and concerns and used them to develop a comprehensive approach to collecting and recycling a variety of materials.

Optimal Service, Unmatched Prices, and Quality Products.


Alco Iron & Metal Company was first established in 1953. Incorporate in 1972, our family owned operation set out to renew the way metal services were approached in San Leandro, California.

It’s amazing how dedication, hard work, and family support can foster a dream. As we open the doors to all 5 of our locations across Northern California, we’re proud to say that we came a long way from that quarter acre we started on.

Today, we remain the product of that same desire to succeed. We’re still owned and operated by our family, now introducing our fourth generation to the business. It’s truly remarkable to witness the amount of progress we’ve achieved over the years. More than 41 acres of land and employing over 220 dedicated people.

Here you’ll find a variety of skilled scrap metal buyers, processing crews, the best experienced  sales staff, as well as new & usable buyers. We have certified welders and demolition experts.

Our company holds a total of four contractor’s licenses: A, B, Demolition & Fabrication. We go above and beyond to ensure that every member of our team is trained to deliver a pleasurable, informative experience to all of our clients.

Alco Iron & Metal always makes ourselves available to our customers. If you ever have any questions or concerns, trust us to answer them all for you. With a reputation that spans across the world wide metal industry, we can provide services tailored to you needs.

When you take your scrap metal to us, we will pay you the highest pricing in the market. We purchase your scrap metals and supplies at some of the most competitive rates you’ll find.

Quality and convenience are two of our greatest concerns. Feel free to browse our website to learn more about what we offer. If you’re curious to see what we can do for you personally, contact us so our bid specialist can provide you with a quote, completely FREE of charge.

Alco Iron & Metal lives to satisfy our clients today while staying mindful of your potential needs tomorrow. We’re proud to employ a diverse group of people coming from a variety of backgrounds and experience. This unique blend has created a fertile environment for catering to our clients’ concerns, working toward resolving objectives that benefit us all.

Kem Kantor
Kevin Kantor
Vice President/Demolition Manager
Kari Fletcher
Senior Vice President/General Manager
Sung Park
Chief Financial Officer
Michael Bercovich
Chief Operating Officer/General Counsel