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Alco Iron & Metal Company’s recycling service simultaneously addresses two major concerns. Recycling metal and other materials doubles as a treat to the environment and our client’s budget. This is much more than a service, we look at recycling as a responsibility – one that we take pride in. It is the very core of the scrap metal industry. For the last 60 years, we’ve proudly assumed this responsibility, resulting in millions of tons of waste metals placed back in production.

Alco Iron & Metal is leading the way to protect our Environment!

We’ve invested in our facilities to guarantee that we’re recycling materials using the cleanest method and producing products that are nothing less than the absolute best. Our processes set the standard for metal facilities across Northern California. Recycling plastic, computer components (PC boards), as well as metals, we have significantly reduced the amount of waste that contaminates the atmosphere.

Our facilities purchase incredible amounts of surplus, excess, or non-prime metals. We also accept finished products and prime plates, beams, pipes, coils, etc.