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Alco Iron & Metal has built a reputation as a trusted supplier of ferrous and non ferrous scrap to both domestic and global clients. Alco strives to maintain this trust as a goal in all of our daily services. In addition, Alco is also a state CRV redemption center, purchasing CRV glass and plastic bottles and aluminum cans at a high competitive price.


We’re prepared to assist you regardless of the size of your job. Our offices on site container service for our industrial accounts. Box sizes range from 15-60 cu/yd capacity. We provide certified weight tickets for all boxes.


We own a state-of-the-art scrap processing plant which allows us to control every step of the scrapping process. Through our efficiency and attention to detail, Alco Iron & Metal has developed the most economic methods for processing various nonferrous metals. Everything we need to better serve you is readily at our disposal.

Alco Iron & Metal Major Processing Equipment Includes:

  • Stationary and Mobile Shears and Balers
  • Stationary and Mobile Cranes

Licensed, insured, and certified by the state, Alco Iron & Metal redemption center receives and processes tons of aluminum cans, glass and plastic each day. Various materials are quickly sorted, weighed, crushed and packaged for shipping in record time, all thanks to our leading-edge equipment and team of metal specialists.

Once our products have been process, sorted, and inspected once again, Alco Iron & Metal sells them directly to refiners, smelters, and mills spanning across both hemispheres.

Our work is completed with total respect for the environment. As a family owned and operated company the future of our planet is of the utmost importance to the way we do business. Sound procedures and chemical-free processing are just a few way we make sure that we do our part.

Each and every Alco Iron & Metal facility has been improved to ensure they meet our quality standards. By investing into our business, we invest in our community, making issues like supreme oil/water separation through state-of-arts filtration systems a priority.

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